Solar Panel Leads Generation Service

Watts Marketing Ltd specialise in providing high quality Solar Panel Leads.

Qualified Solar Panel Leads

100% Qualified Solar Panel Leads

All of our Solar Panel leads are set up to give you the best possible chance of a sale, we monitor your conversion rates and work with you to improve them. All leads are passed as payable on pitch only, so if you don’t get a pitch-able appointment you wouldn’t have to pay for it! Solar panel leads are qualified by our in house call centres prior to being distributed. All qualifying questions are asked prior to being distributed and call recordings can be provided as evidence on every lead we pass.


More than just a lead

Solar Panel Leads Set Up For The Sale

  • Home owner

  • Aged 22 -70

  • Qualified Roof Space

  • Genuine Interest

  • Income £12,000+

  • No Single Sits


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We only sell leads with top conversion rates

Top Conversion Rates

Our wealth of experience in sales and marketing combined with superior Solar PV knowledge means we are able to work with you to increase your Conversions, Sales & most importantly PROFITS!

With an extensive knowledge of the Solar PV industry we can give you the best advice on how to sell more and get the most out of our solar panel leads.


Solar Panel Lead Roof Check

Roof Space Check

Rather than waste your time searching Google earth/street view for houses in order to check the roof, our staff do this as part of the qualification process.

Roof Snoop By iSolar Apps is a useful tool for checking the size of  a customers roof, they also produce a useful tool called Solar Payback this can be useful for presenting the benefits and savings to your customers.


Image of solar panels displayed on our solar panel leads page

How We Generate Our PV Sales Leads

Watts Marketing Ltd use a network of lead generation websites to generate enquiries. To drive traffic to our websites we use a number of methods including targeted Email Campaigns, SEO, PPC Campaigns and Social Media. Once a customer registers their interest on one of our internet forms the customer is called by our in house call centre. All relevant qualifying questions are then asked and the roof checked for suitability, once we have established that the customer is suitable and has a genuine interest the lead is then hot key transferred through to the relevant company in that postcode. We never cold call so all leads passed are always warm and there is no risk of TPS complaints.

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