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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is is the key to ensuring any website has the absolute maximum exposure possible online. It focuses on increasing the visibility for organic (or un-paid) search engine results. This means that when a user searches for any keywords related to your site, the search engine recognises this and indexes your site as the most appropriate result or at the least more appropriate than competitors.

In order for search engine optimisation to be reliable and successful, a mixture of adept knowledge of how search engines work and creative are needed. Sometimes the best avenue to explore when indexing a website is’t always the most obvious.

Here at Watts Marketing we have a consummate team of developers working tirelessly to ensure all web presences that we manage, rank far beyond all competitors and would-be competitors. We manage professional SEO campaigns for many companies around Norwich, Norfolk and all across the rest of the UK.

Most people assume that indexing a site via Google or Bing is done simply through keywords alone. In actual a fact an awful lot more goes into ensuring prime web availability.

Such as:

  • Indexing the actual language used on your page
  • The way your web-site’s pages link together
  • The way external websites link to your website
  • Or often simply making sure that your website is structured appropriately for search engines to understand.

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Although SEO is primarily for helping a sites index Properly in search engine ranking it is also for ensuring ease of use for the end user. By making sure all search terms and keywords are relevant to the pages being indexed, your site will never be missed  by any prospective clients.

Why Does My Site Need a professional SEO service?

In the today’s modern, digital world there are numerous avenues in which a website can gain traffic. Social media, paid ads and such like but the most tried and true is now and will for ever be commercial search engines. These include (but are not limited to) Google, Yahoo and Bing. Most internet users when looking for something go directly to their search engines rather than external links and addresses. This means if your business is not indexed appropriately not only will your site not be ranked highly in results, there is a chance it will not be ranked at all. Search engines today are incredibly astute, however, directing traffic appropriately is incredibly complex so sometimes even a data giant like Google could use a little input. Along with just showing your site where it is relevant, one of the main aims is also return results on individual pages which is where site linking is so important.

Can I Do My Own  SEO?

For a small business that doesn’t need much online exposure it would be possible to do SEO to some degree but in order to stay competitive, you should always consult a professional SEO. SEO is a process that not only takes years to learn but also keeps evolving and new algorithm updates constantly change the way we optimise websites. For a beginners guide to SEO visit MOZ

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